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Welcome to Ironing 4U’s Loyalty card - Club Card.  Membership gives you some great benefits and offers.  Every time you use our services you’ll earn ‘Steam points’ which translate into discounts on future services.

How does it work...

Every time you pay for services from Ironing 4U, Ironing, Dry Cleaning or repairs, you earn steam points.  These are displayed on your receipt.  Each Quarter you’ll receive a statement from us detailing your total of Steam Points earned, together with discount vouchers equivalent to the value of steam points earned in £’s.  You can then spend these vouchers on Ironing.

There’s no catch - the more you use us the more you’ll earn Steam Points.  Even if you don’t use our services regularly you will still be rewarded.

How do I join?

Easy, complete the online application or call one of our stores to register, and start saving straight away.

Club Card Loyalty ‘Save ££’s every time you use the service with Club Card, Together with exclusive offers and joining vouchers worth Over £30! apply_for_clubcard Sign up to e-statements when you join Club Card and save an extra £5 estatements Bookings