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Join Now Frequently asked Questions....

What is a Kilo of ironing?  Generally 4 male adult shirts is equivalent to a Kilo or 5 / 6 T' shirts.  Material and sizes make a difference.

How do I pay?  We accept cash Credit and debit cards either in store or at the door.  Please be aware transactions under £10 paid for by a card will incur an additional charge of £0.65 per transaction.

When do you collect and deliver?  We collect / deliver mostly in the evening between 6pm and 9pm.  We do have a limited availability for am collections (9.30am - 11.30am)  This is store specific so please call your local store to confirm availability.

Can I just drop off at the shop first without phoning?  No problem drop and go is quite easy at our stores.  Please be aware that you 24 Hr services are subject to store local availability.

Does Club Card cost anything to join?   No - at the moment joining is free together with some fantastic joining offers, it’s well worth joining.

How much does delivery cost?  Delivery is free so as you meet the minimum amount in weight or value (currently £17.00).  If your order is below these limits, a small charge of £3.95 will added to your bill to cover our costs.