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Last published date: Jan 2018

a. Definitions;

'Service provider' means Ironing 4 U
'The Service' means the Service offered by the Ironing 4 U and shall include any part or parts of it and any materials incorporated in it.
'The Customer' means the Customer of Ironing 4 U
'The Conditions' means the Terms & Conditions of Service set out herein.
These conditions shall apply at all times and shall form the basis by which Ironing 4 U conducts it's business. Customers using the provision of services of the company enter into this agreement knowing that they shall apply.

b. Notice of change;

Changes to these conditions shall be made by Ironing 4 U only. Customers of Ironing 4 U may receive written confirmation of these changes to conditions in one or all of the following;
(1) By email direct to customer personal email
(2) Amended versions of conditions being posted to
(3) In writing by direct mail to a customer
(4) On the reverse side of the customers copy of the ' customer collection note'

c. Pick ups and delivery service

Ironing 4 U makes every effort to make the Collection and Delivery service timely and convenient. If circumstances beyond the control of the Ironing 4 U make it impossible to collect or deliver items during the scheduled times, then collection or delivery will be made at the next available slot.
This will take place by 24hrs of the original order taking place. However the following rules shall apply in all instances;
Orders received before 1PM will be collected same day in the evening for delivery next day / next 2 days (evening)
Orders received after 1PM shall be collected AM next day and returned next day / next 2 days (AM)
Sundays do not apply to the above. Refer to below;
Orders received on Sundays will be collected by Monday evening and delivered back next day / next 2 days (Evening)
Collections can be booked using 1 of 3 methods;
(1) On line via
(2) Telephone booking using the central booking system on 01934 520000
(3) Membership Loyalty Slot - date and time agreed subject to availability

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